Insurance 4 Miners provides cost effective life insurance for miners and their families.

We believe every Australian should have a comprehensive insurance program. We also know that getting insurance when you work in the mining, oil and gas industry can be very difficult.

That's why we started Insurance 4 Miners!

We use our insurance expertise to get you the cover you need.

Every job has its risks. But when you work in the mining oil and gas industry, you’ve got more reasons than most to protect yourself against the possibility of sickness or injury.

Working in the mining, oil and gas industry can be an extremely rewarding and fast-paced career. It also provides a number of challenges that most occupations don’t have to worry about – like working in remote areas, and putting your body in potentially dangerous situations.

Which begs the question: how well are you protected against the financial consequences of death, sickness and injury?

When you have an income, debts, and a family to protect, life insurance is a vital back-up plan for any miner.

We are able to cover 62 different mining occupations for life insurance, total and permanent disablement cover, Trauma cover and Income Protection and 49 oil and gas occupations.

When you call us for a quote, we will ask for detailed information about your occupation. We then talk directly to our panel of underwriters to get the best occupational rating for you - which in turn gives you the most competitive price available in the marketplace.

We have access to Australia's leading Life Companies. There are two that have developed specific offers for the mining community - AMP and OnePath. Good news is that 3 other companies are now covering more mining occupations than ever before.

This gives you and your family greater access than ever before to comprehensive and affordable cover.

*** Attention Employers ***
We can help you get a group insurance plan in place for your employees.

Call us for a quote - or a review of your existing plan.


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